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In this blog post, we’ll take a look at popular business valuation software programs and what the reviews say about them. We’ll also explore other important factors that can impact a company’s value, such as brand health, and how to measure these intangible assets with AI. Equidam is a company that focuses on providing online valuation services for startups.

  1. Use the multiples to easily rebut unreasonable valuations and offers.
  2. It hasn’t moved with the times, and that may be its downfall as more consultancies and in-house users increasingly expect these features as standard.
  3. Cost of capital data
    to calculate your discount and capitalization rates based on
    the standard build-up model.
  4. Use the Future Value calculation to calculate the value of any appreciating asset, such as business-owned real estate.
  5. The stability of a business’s existing customer base can help predict future revenue and growth, and therefore has an impact on valuation.

Show the buyer prospects that the business throws off plenty of cash flow. Define the deal terms that get the serious buyer’s attention using the
Deal Check,
Discounted Cash Flow, and
Loan Schedule
calculations in ValuAdder. Discount the note income to see what it makes your client in present day dollars. Show your client how to make thousands more with a higher selling price, seller’s note interest income, and deferred taxes on the business sale gains. Give a credible demonstration of the business value to seasoned investor-buyers by using the power and precision of the
Discounted Cash Flow

Trusted by 100+ premium publishers, including:

Gain insight into the business valuation approaches and methods with extensive
Tutorials. Consult the
for key business valuation terms and definitions. Find quick business valuation tips and answers using the powerful search engine. Refer to the concise
How‑To sections
as you do your business valuation. Determine the value of executive stock options using the powerful Binomial Model. Estimate company stock volatility based on historic returns.

Check what other buyers are paying for similar businesses by using valuation multiples by industry. Available in the ValuAdder Market Comps tool, based on in-depth analysis of business sale comparables. Generate professional quality reports in seconds for any business valuation or deal structure calculation in ValuAdder. Use the
Deal Check
calculation to account for all the parts that make a sound business acquisition deal. Enter the working capital and capital investments needed to run the business. Let ValuAdder automatically account for the standard debt service coverage ratio — used for the business acquisition loan approvals.

Discover the ValuAdder Advantage

Determine the value of any private business with our award-winning software. Includes integrated industry valuation multiples and cost of capital data. ValuAdder keeps your sensitive business data under lock and key by performing your valuations on your own computers and network.

Multiple of Discretionary Earnings

Save your report in a
format and easily import it into your favorite spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft®
Excel®. Create
a quick estimate of business value or a full scope standards compliant business appraisal. Assess
the business’ earning power and risk by making adjustments to the financial statements. Run your valuation projects from your computers anywhere, anytime.

These are important factors to consider when forecasting future value. Assess business risk to build up the discount rate and calculate the capitalization rate. Generate an earnings forecast from the historic trends – or your own financial projections. Input your income stream projections, discount rate, and terminal value directly and let produce the most accurate and definitive business valuation. Valutico has received positive reviews from in-house users and consultancy firms alike.

And with a $175 one-off fee, it’s also one of the more affordable options out there. As a buyer your success depends on identifying the acquisition targets that meet your investment objectives and making the right decisions – every step of the way. The 2 tools every professional advisor needs for only three low monthly payments.

Loaded with more than 20 premium, high quality demand partners to ensure we’re getting the highest results for each of your ad units. Its automatic forecasting enables you to run scenarios of different business plans to help with decision-making. Use the worksheets to determine available business cash flow. Run the
Net Present Value (NPV)
analysis to screen investment opportunities.

Determine the value of any business based on its earning power and risk. Use the classical Treasury Method to calculate the value of business goodwill and total business value. We’ve built Valuad with ad operations in mind to become your one-stop-shop for custom monetization, so you can focus on creating quality content and ongoing business growth. We’ve partnered up with over 20 high quality, premium demand partners to ensure we’re getting the highest results for each and every ad unit on your website.

Unlike some other platforms, Planguru integrates with all QuickBooks products and excel, making it easy to consolidate historical data. Riskturn has been well-received by users, with several praising its sophisticated scenario modelling capabilities. Many users also find the software easy to use, despite its complexity. No time for lengthy analysis — as new details become available, use valuadder to quickly reassess the price and terms of the deal. Start
with the company’s financial statements such as the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.

Maximize your selling price while making sure that business cash flow supports your deal terms. Create SSVS and USPAP compliant business appraisal reports. BizEquity is an investment management company focused on multi-asset class investing. BizEquity provides business valuation knowledge and data, through its online platform.

Account for your working capital and capital investments when computing the cash flow required to make the business purchase work. Spot good deals instantly and focus early on promising acquisition targets. Use Deal Check to rapidly create business purchase proposals with sufficient cash flow to ensure your success.

ValuAdder worksheets
to accurately recast the company’s financial statements and determine the available cash flow. Use the multipliers to identify opportunities for high impact changes that can greatly increase business value. Pay once and create an unlimited number of business valuations. Steer clear of overpriced subscription services that keep charging you over and over. Easy-to-use setup program installs ValuAdder business valuation software on your computer. Access essential information on business valuation concepts, tools, and techniques in the
Business Valuation Guide.

Use the net present value and internal rates of return to screen business investment projects and select the winners. ValuAdder uses a wide range of valuation methods, including the most important DCF and valuation multiples methods. ValuSource is a company that specializes in business valuation solutions within the financial services industry. The company offers software, databases, and online tools that automate the complex process of business valuation and damages calculations. It was founded in 1986 and is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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