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This rigorous course helps you train yourself to meet any challenge you encounter in your career and helps you gain a solid foundation in security tips. If you want to stop hackers from invading your network, first you’ve got to invade their minds. Computers around the world are systematically being victimized by rampant hacking. This hacking is not only widespread, but is being executed so flawlessly that the attackers compromise a system, steal everything of value and completely erase their tracks within 20 minutes. EHE-certified learners have an assured means of formal recognition to add to their resumes and show off their expertise and skills to prospective employers. This improves their prospects for employment advancement, higher salaries, and greater job satisfaction.

Students learn from industry experts, including Malcolm Shore, Lisa Block, Daniel Lachance, and Stephanie Domas. If you choose to follow the path in order, you learn reconnaissance and vulnerability tracking first. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credential proves that you have the skills to help the organization take preemptive measures against malicious attacks by attacking the system himself, all the while staying within legal limits. This course provides hands-on practical experience to learners thus giving them the skills necessary for a future in cybersecurity.

What book do you suggest reading for Ethical Hacking?

This course aims to help you learn the basics of ethical hacking, including hacking tools like Kali Linux, Python, Kioptrix, and others. It could just as well be described as a sub-sector certified ethical hacker of cybersecurity, and that’s pretty much what it is. And as we dive headfirst into a world dominated by computers and the internet, the field of ethical hacking continues to grow quickly.

The exam course is led through instructor training, video lectures, self-study courses and hands-on labs for information security professionals. More experienced professionals may sit for the exam without needing to participate in the training courses, and they are able to do this by submitting record of at least two years of cybersecurity or related experience. High demand for these professionals means that there are countless jobs available and unfilled in this career field. According to Cybercrime magazine, cybersecurity jobs, including ethical hacking, will continue increasing to about 3.5 million unfilled positions by 2025.

Practice ethical hacking to Ensure Safe Stay at Home

These are the five steps of the CEH hacking methodology that ethical hackers or penetration testers can use to detect and identify vulnerabilities, find potential open doors for cyberattacks and mitigate security breaches to secure the organizations. To learn more about analyzing and improving security policies, network infrastructure, you can opt for an ethical hacking certification. The Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH v12) provided by EC-Council trains an individual to understand and use hacking tools and technologies to hack into an organization legally.

EH training from V12 on receive free retakes based on the package they enroll into, and retake exams are available for others if required for a fee.

  • We offer a variety of test preparation materials and official training to help you ensure you are ready to challenge the exam when the time comes.
  • Ethical hacking is an emerging cybersecurity field that’s only increasing in demand, and earning certifications allows you to learn new skills and advance your career.
  • While both of these terms are still commonly used, at least one of them may not be adequately descriptive of the various roles found in today’s modern cybersecurity ecosystem. The GPEN certification is recommended for professional security testers with a minimum of two years of experience in the field. CEH Bootcamps are intensive training programs that prepare you for the CEH exam, which is currently in its 11th version (CEH v11). Furthermore, it ensures you stay updated with the fast-evolving cybersecurity threats and countermeasures. The certification is hands-on, focusing on practical applications that can be directly utilized in real-world situations, not just theoretical understanding. We have hand selected the best instructors, flown them to our Albuquerque based studio and produced professional pre-recorded video lectures and lab walkthroughs that can be accessed through your iClass student account any time, 24x7x365.

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