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OTCQX is one of the largest and most well-respected marketplaces for OTC stocks. Most of the brokers that sell exchange-listed securities also sell OTC securities and this can be done electronically on a broker’s platform or via a telephone. StocksToTrade in no way warrants the solvency, financial condition, or investment advisability of any of the securities mentioned in communications or websites. In addition, StocksToTrade accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this information.

See Jiko U.S. Treasuries Risk Disclosures for further details. Over-the-counter trading can be a useful way to invest in foreign companies with US dollars, or other securities that aren’t listed on the major exchanges. When you trade over-the-counter, you can also get access to larger companies like Tencent, Nintendo, Volkswagen, Nestle, and Softbank that aren’t listed on major U.S. exchanges. But OTC trading does come with a few risks, including lower regulatory oversight than market exchange trading and higher volatility.

  1. You’ll also find stocks on the OTC markets that cannot list on the NYSE or the Nasdaq for legal or regulatory reasons.
  2. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page.
  3. Digitonic Ltd, the owner of, has not been paid for the production of this piece by the company or companies mentioned above.
  4. If you wind up holding the bag on some of these OTCs, you could be holding the bag for life.
  5. It wasn’t as easy to make sketchy deals with listed companies, though it still happened.

However, individual investors also own many of the low-priced OTC penny stocks. The OTC markets serve important purposes for trading bonds, ADRs, derivatives and shares of smaller companies. But the added risk of trading in the OTC markets is a consideration for any prudent investor. For investors, trading OTC shares is like trading exchange-listed shares. Brokers may have different, often lower, fees when trading OTC stocks.


If you go with a real-world full-service brokerage, you can buy and sell OTC stocks. The broker will place the order with the market maker for the stock you want to buy or sell. The first step an investor must make before trading OTC securities is to open an account with a brokerage firm.

FAQs about OTC Markets

This high-potential US stock is targeting India’s tech-hungry 1.4 billion people. And yet, no matter what the wider stock market is doing, there are always little-known gems to uncover. Product offerings and availability vary based on jurisdiction. A warranty is a promise that a product seller or manufacturer makes to repair or replace a defective product. A health maintenance organization (or HMO) is a type of health insurance provider that charges a monthly or annual fee for coverage of visits to doctors and hospitals within a network.

What is over-the-counter trading? An investor’s guide to OTC markets

Although exchange-listed stocks can be traded OTC on the third market, it is rarely the case. Usually OTC stocks are not listed nor traded on exchanges, and vice versa. Stocks quoted on the OTCBB must comply with certain limited U.S.

You often see several minutes of movement in one direction before the price changes. Compare that to a listed stock, where the price action can get choppy. You might see big pulls on an upward move, all in the same minute. These days, in addition to providing quotation services, OTC Markets provides information.

OTC vs. Major Exchange: An Overview

I want to give you a couple of examples of OTC stocks from 2020. Keep in mind that these are only examples of these stocks and how they operate. If you place a market order with an OTC, you can wind up paying any 24 hour forex price for the stock — and it likely won’t be in your favor. Many kinds of trading vehicles — securities — exist in the OTC markets. The American depositary receipts (ADRs) of many companies trade on OTC markets.

The equity lists were printed on pink paper, while the bonds were on yellow. Since then, traders knew these lists of available OTC equity as “pink sheets,” which became the name of the company in 2000. OTC (“over-the-counter”) stocks don’t trade on centralized exchanges like the NYSE and TSX. Instead, these stocks trade through networks run by broker-dealers.more info button These stocks are usually cheaper and less regulated than securities that trade on centralized exchanges. OTC markets are generally less transparent and less regulated than conventional stock exchanges, which makes them riskier to invest in. OTC markets are trading marketplaces that do not function as traditional stock exchanges.

However, these inexpensive shares can be risky and highly speculative. On the positive side, these stocks can offer the potential for significant gains. Many well-known companies, including Apple and Microsoft, started as OTC stocks before being listed on major exchanges. For investors with a keen eye and a high tolerance for risk, OTC stocks can provide opportunities to get in on the ground floor of emerging businesses. Although much of the over-the-counter market revolves around stocks, you can also buy commodities, debt securities and derivatives OTC. These securities are sometimes called unlisted securities, as they aren’t traded on formal exchanges.

The most common cause might be delinquent financial reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In these circumstances, companies can get listed on one of the stock exchanges once they fix the problem. For purposes of this section, Bonds exclude treasury securities held in treasury accounts with Jiko Securities, Inc. as explained under the “ Treasury Accounts” section. The value of Bonds fluctuate and any investments sold prior to maturity may result in gain or loss of principal. In general, when interest rates go up, Bond prices typically drop, and vice versa. Bonds with higher yields or offered by issuers with lower credit ratings generally carry a higher degree of risk.

There are no secret OTC investment strategies to guarantee a big win, and investors might wish to stick with strategies that serve them well on major exchanges. If you’re curious about OTC trading, Public offers over 300 OTC stocks that you can invest in using our online investment platform. Investors can trade OTC on Public with the same available funds they would use for any other trade, and users with funded accounts automatically have access to OTC trading.

JSI uses funds from your Treasury Account to purchase T-bills in increments of $100 “par value” (the T-bill’s value at maturity). The value of T-bills fluctuate and investors may receive more or less than their original investments if sold prior to maturity. T-bills are subject to price change and availability – yield is subject to change.

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